Brexit Update Statement

APRIL 2019

CPC Battery Services Brexit Assurance Statement


Due to referendum vote to leave the EU, CPC is preparing for the worst case scenario outcome with a no-deal Brexit if and when that might happen.

CPC does import batteries and products from both the EU and non-EU countries via robust and well-established processes. However should no agreement be reached with the EU we are looking into alternative options to EU sourced batteries and products in order to mitigate or minimise any business disruption to our Company in order to supply our customers in the way they have become accustomed.

To these ends CPC is working closely with both our EU suppliers and non EU suppliers to ensure we minimise any risk of supply and services to our Customers.

CPC has applied for Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP) and this has been approved by HMRC. TSP should allow us to import goods from abroad without hold ups through UK customs for excise or duty payments as we will have a duty deferment account in place with HMRC.

We will continue to monitor and evaluate information from the government, news items and our suppliers.

Please be assured as a Company we are treating this project with the utmost priority even though there is still so much uncertainty over the outcome of the government negotiations with the EU. We will update this assurance statement when any new and significant information should become available.


Justin Smith