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GS Yuasa Automotive & Light Van Battery Range

GS Yuasa AGM Start Stop Plus Battery Range

AGM – Absorbed Glass Mat
Around 360,000 Starts
High Cyclic
Improved charge acceptance
Designed for Start-Stop vehicles

GS Yuasa EFB Start Stop Battery Range

EFB – Enhanced Flooded Battery
Around 270,000 Starts
Designed for lower specification Start-Stop vehicles
Anti-sulphation technology
Carbon / Lithium plate additives
Flame arrestor lid

GS Yuasa SMF & MF Battery Range

Flooded Battery
Around 40,000 starts
Sealed maintenance free technology
Calcium additives
SOCI – State of Charge Indicator – Magic Eye
Flame arrestor, sealed lid

GS Yuasa Auxiliary, Backup & Specialist Battery Range

Specialist AGM and Flooded for Auxiliary automotive systems