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Odyssey Performance (ODP)

Designed and engineered specifically for automotive type applications and footprints, Odyssey Performance (ODP) batteries will easily handle the increasing demands of start-stop and onboard accessories, supplying twice the power and three-times the life of conventional batteries.

Odyssey Extreme (ODX) Battery range

Where size and power matters, the Odyssey Extreme (ODX) battery gives you it all.  With its heritage in military and specialist vehicle applications, this range is the toughest you can get – whether it’s extreme terrain, temperatures or power demand, or all of them combined, the ODX range will deliver.

Odyssey Power & Motorsports (ODS) Battery range

With a pedigree and reputation known across the Power & Motorsports world, Odyssey Power & Motorsports (ODS) batteries provide concentrated extreme dual-purpose power while supplying exceptional reliability, service life and deep-cycle capabilities to keep you ahead.