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From the world’s number one consumer battery company and the first battery on the moon comes a modern, high performance and reliable starter battery range. Duracell offer an extensive range of 12 volt lead-acid batteries in Advanced flooded, Enhanced Flooded (EFB) and Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM). With over 80 years’ experience, Duracell batteries are designed and engineered with expertise and precision. Their aim is to provide dependable starting power while supporting the high electrical demands of today’s vehicles in all climate conditions. Duracell batteries are not cheap batteries. They are long lasting, powerful, reliable and superb value for money.

Duracell Advanced Flooded

  • Meeting the high demands of the leading vehicle manufacturers and consumers.
  • Most common type of starter battery.
  • Sealed, leak proof construction even when tipped over.
  • Zero Maintenance via advanced double lid.
  • Full Calcium Technology for improved starting power.
  • Superior Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection – Maximum ignition protection.
  • High vibration resistant.
  • Robust Cyclic capability.
  • Ideal for Cars, Taxis, Vans, mini-buses, light and higher use vehicles.
  • Guarantee

Duracell Extreme EFB

  • Superior performance to Advanced Flooded.
  • For use in vehicles with only the basic Stop-Start technology without regenerative braking. These batteries can operate in a partially charged state and still offer a higher number of engine starts than standard flooded batteries.
  • Polyfleece lining prolongs the battery life and allows for a more consistent power flow.
  • Thicker plates gives you twice the cyclic resistance of a standard starter battery.
  • Zero Maintenance via advanced double lid.

Duracell Extreme AGM

  • The only battery for Stop-Start cars and vans.
  • Designed for the most sophisticated vehicle electrical systems and high performance cars.
  • The most advanced starter battery technology.
  • Electrolyte is absorbed in glass fibre matting (AGM) around the plate.
  • Quick recharge.
  • Designed for extreme conditions.
  • Long life at maximum power and 100% maintenance free.